5 Reasons to Get a Massage This Fall

As summer weather comes to a crawl and the feeling of fall becomes more prominent, it’s important to allow our bodies to relax and recover from the hype of summer activities. For most, summer is the most active of all seasons because children aren’t in school, family vacation are more frequent, and the warm weather and longer days allow us to be outside more. With the busyness of our lives, it’s not uncommon for people to feel exhausted by the time autumn rolls around as our lives and routines fall back into place.  

All of these reasons mentioned along with many others are the reasons that it’s important to recharge and allow our bodies and minds to unwind. We find that getting a massage is the perfect way to reset, recharge and re-center ourselves. Frequent and regular massage is beneficial and below we have 5 reasons why you should get a massage!

Improved Mood / Mental Attitude

The added stress of having the kids in the house, all day, every day, during the summer months can lead to anger and frustration. Getting a massage will help the mind and body relax. Studies confirm that regular massage can be beneficial for stress. Massages increase the feel-good hormones known as serotonin and dopamine, while reducing the stress hormone known as cortisol. This leads to an improved mental state.

Increases Immunity

With all the added activity and fatigue from running around, our bodies get run down. Regular massage increases circulation in the body and oxygenation of the cells. This can help bolster the body’s immune system, allowing us to avoid that fall cold that everybody at work is sharing, by increasing the amount of lymphocytes in the bloodstream.  Lymphocytes are white blood cells that fight off disease and infection. 

Aches, Pains, Sprains and Strains

Regular massage helps soften and relax injured or overused muscles.  Muscles being used more frequently can lead to aches and pains. Regular massage increases circulation and oxygenation, which helps the muscles heal more quickly. Massage also releases endorphins from the brain that are natural painkillers.

Combat Seasonal Depression

The additional hours of sunshine can be a lifesaver for those who suffer from seasonal depression.  But as fall takes hold and the days grow shorter, anxiety can set in about the upcoming seasons. The effects of massage can be compared to psychotherapy.  And studies show that massage increases neurotransmitters that help decrease anxiety. It can also lower your heart rate and allow for more relaxation.

Improves Sleep

When the body is going through the physiological change from summer to fall, getting enough rest isn’t always possible. Research shows that getting a massage can increase serotonin levels, as mentioned previously.  This allows people to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

This is just a short list of reasons why massage can be beneficial to everybody during the season of fall. Whether you’re suffering from aches and pains, frustration or just want to boost your immune system before fall ends, finding a massage therapist might be exactly what the doctor ordered. If anything, give yourself the gift of a few minutes of relaxation. Who can’t use that?

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