The Benefits of Partner Massage at Home

It’s no secret that a good massage can provide relief for sore muscles, tired eyes and even digestive upset. But have you ever considered the benefits of sharing a massage with your husband, wife or partner in your own home? 

Many people unconsciously rub their loved ones neck or shoulders when they are feeling stressed or pained. But what many couples don’t realize is that providing their partner with a relaxing massage can also bring them closer together and strengthen the emotional bonds of the relationship. 

Massage can build trust in a relationship. Trust requires ongoing work. When a person gives a massage to their partner, the trust is implied. You have to trust the person touching you and at some point, the body will give in and relax. This is a significant bonding moment for couples. It can increase your trust in your partner and their ability to understand you better. 

There are multiple health benefits that can be reaped from receiving a massage. And a massage from a loved one is even better because of the trust factor. When there is trust, your body relaxes more. Regularly massaging your partner can lower their stress levels and blood pressure. It can also increase their immunity, helping them stay healthy. And giving your partner a massage is a wonderful way to show them that you truly care about their health.

Another benefit of giving your partner a massage is the benefit that you receive. When we give something to others, you are also enhancing your own life. Studies show that most people feel better giving than receiving. Thus, taking the time to massage your partner can be a way of giving that doesn’t require anything but time. And the act of giving will increase your own sense of well-being.

Massaging one another can increase awareness. When you receive a massage, you tend to become aware of areas of tension and stress in your body. This can allow for greater awareness and the ability to prevent injuries. It also allows you to recognize what feels good and what is supporting your total wellness. When the massage is provided by a loved one, it allows for better health for both of you. For instance, if during regular partner massage, it is noticed that your left leg is always tighter than your right, you can then adjust how you do things to create less muscle strain on the left leg.

When you and your partner use massage to connect and help one another, you will discover many other benefits as well. Plus, you can save a little money and reconnect with the most important person in your life.

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